Melania Hava lives locally at the Yowah Opal Fields.  She has both Aboriginal and Austrian Heritage and is a descendant of the South Johston River Mamu tribe in North Queensland.    She has had a talent and passion for art since she discovered paint in kindygarden in Mount Isa.    Over the years she has experimented with landscape painting using oils, watercolours and fold-art in acrylics until she discovered her own style.   We see her style as Aboriginal enfluenced by the Medieval Austrian heritage.  She has held solo exhibitions throughout Qld over the past few years where she has been very successful in selling most of her art works.   She currently is working on pieces for exhibitions in Eulo (our gallery), Canberra and Melbourne.  Her beautiful art pieces have been extremely popular with tourists at our Gallery in Eulo.  Her paintings range from postcard size which are great for gifts to the larger pieces for the art connoisseur. Browse through Melanie's colourful and unique art collection and you will be impressed with her incredible artistic skills.    



Geoff Manthey is a descendant of the Kooma tribe South West Queensland.  His hometown is Cunnamulla where he grew up and spent his early adult life.   This is where the stories that he expresses in his art originate from.   He is a self taught artist and his style of painting is a combination of both traditional and contemporary.  He also creates a variety of wooden artifacts from local timbers.  Some include: didgeridoos, boomerangs and walking sticks. Let us know if you are interested in looking at any of Geoff's artifacts. He uses acrylic on canvas and his paintings have a wax coating for protection and easy cleaning. Browse through Geoff's inspirational and Earthy art collection  to find a piece for you.