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Local Products

Our local Paroo honey and natural honey products have proved to be very popular with tourists and locals for many years.  

We stock a range of skin care products including handcreams, revitalisers, lip balms and ointments. 

Garry has been using handcream for cracked feet and small cuts for many years and claims it is the best product ever.   Other customers purchase these products for skin irritations and rashes because they find no other product is equal.  

The tasty Paroo honey and wonderful skin care products are totally natural. All of these products are produced in Eulo.

Browse our products below to meet your individual needs. 

Handcream 200g

A superb blend of beeswax, propolis and other moisturising ingredients.   Propolis is a natural healer produced by the bees.   This cream controls cracked, chafed and dry skin on both hands and feet.

Revitalising Cream 100g

A rich moist revitalizing cream designed to protect the skin against the environment and the daily signs of ageing.   Rich in Jojoba, Propolis and Honey all of which are said to be natures wrinkle fighters.

Paroo Honey and Propolis Ointment 50g

A natural healing ointment made with propolis and honey, both of which are antibiotic, antifungal and antibacterial.   Apply to cuts, burns and minor skin irritations.

Paroo Lip Cream 20g

A soothing blend of beeswax and other natural ingredients for the relief of dried chapped lips and cold sores.

Paroo Furnture Polish 200g

A beeswax polish excellent for the protection of antique furniture and all natural wood.   Produces a high shine on your furniture.

Busy Bee Iron Cleaner

Pure beeswax iron cleaner. When using this product to clean your iron it successfuly removes all all built up dirt.

Beeswax Fabric Protector

Hang in closet or place in drawer.  Will protect clothes and emit a pleasant fragrance.